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Terms and Conditions

Book direct terms and conditions

Book direct offers incentives and promises to guests who book directly on our website. We have made additional adjustments to the guarantee and to the terms and conditions to further define what claims will qualify and to further help identify and support valid claims.

1. Best Price Guarantee: We guarantee that guests can find the lowest room price (room rate) or total room (including all taxes and fees) cost publicly available on the internet. If you find a lower room price (room rate) and total room cost (including all taxes and fees) publicly on the internet on an external website, The Setup on Dixon will match the lower room price found for that entire stay and beat it by additional 10%, subject to the following terms and conditions.

(i) Verification: You must contact us using the online contact us form on The Setup on Dixon website or through email to make a report along the source of the lower price booking that advertise publicly. The Setup on Dixon do not accept screen shots of imagery of lower prices as an acceptable source.

(ii) Matching booking: The guarantee is available only for the exact same room type, same cancellation policy, on the same stay period. Comparison between bookings with 48 hours cancellation policy and prepaid or non-refundable bookings is not valid. The guarantee also does not apply for bookings on websites where the booking details (i.e. name of the hotel) are unknown after confirmation.

(iii) Matching prices: For multi night stays, the guarantee compares the average nightly room price and the average nightly total room cost for your valid room booking with those found on an external website. Only websites that are selling rooms in New Zealand dollar are comparable to the room price and the total room cost advertised on The Setup on Dixon website.

(iv) Qualified comparison prices: The best price guarantee applies only to prices both advertised and available to the general public on an external website at the time of verification. Prices offered on the following channels are not part of the guarantee:

(a) Membership program websites
(b) Corporate discounts
(c) Negotiated prices
(d) Group booking discounts
(e) Loyalty program or incentive
(f) Prices obtained via auction or similar process
(g) Prices available only by using a voucher or discount code
(h) Prices obtained by calling to get the price, or from an email that you received

5. Double WiFi offer: You are entitled for double WiFi data allowance than you were if you booking The Setup on Dixon on other websites. All WiFi vouchers will become invalid when all allocated data is consumed or past the expiry date, whichever comes first. We cannot guarantee constant service or connectivity as it depends on the internet service provider. Unused WiFi data cannot be exchanged for cash.

(i) Stay 1 night and received 1gb WiFi data (per room per booking).
(ii) Stay 2 nights and received 2gb WiFi data (per room per booking).
(iii) Stay 3 nights and received 3gb WiFi data (per room per booking).
(iv) Stay 4 nights and received 4gb WiFi data (per room per booking).
(v) Stay 5 nights and received 5gb WiFi data (per room per booking).
(vi) Stay 6 nights and received 6gb WiFi data (per room per booking).
(vii) Stay 7 nights and received 7gb WiFi data (per room per booking).
(viii) Stay 8 nights and received 8gb WiFi data (per room per booking).
(ix) Stay 9 nights and received 9gb WiFi data (per room per booking).
(x) Stay 10 nights or longer and received 10gb WiFi data (per room per booking).

6. Free room upgrade: You may entitle for free room upgrade at the time of check-in for selected booking. We will make reasonable effort to offer free room upgrade, depending on the availability. The Setup on Dixon cannot be held liable whenever upgrade is not possible . Below is the free upgrade schedule:

(i) Single room with shared bathroom may receive free room upgrade to a single ensuite room.
(ii) Double room with shared bathroom may receive free room upgrade to a double ensuite room.
(iii) Twin room with shared bathroom may receive free room upgrade to a twin ensuite room.
(iv) Bed in 4 bed bunk, Triple room with shared bathroom, Two bedroom apartment, Two bedroom apartment with courtyard do not entitle for any free room upgrade.

7. Right: The Setup on Dixon reserves the right to modify part or full terms and conditions of this Best Price Guarantee at any anytime, at its sole discretion, an without prior notice or liability to you. Terms and conditions are in effect at the time of your booking will determinate your eligibility under the Best Price Guarantee.

(i) The Setup on Dixon website refers
(ii) External website(s) is defined as a website other than
(iii) A “stay” (for purposes of the guarantee) may be one night or consecutive nights at The Setup on Dixon.